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Ensure Your Independence
Living life the way you want to. That's what independence is all about. Yet, few of us have the financial resources to ensure our independence if we need ongoing care as we grow older, or in the event of a serious illness, injury or disability which can strike at any age. That's where long term care insurance can make a big difference in preserving your independence.

Long term care costs are an expense that can directly threaten an individual's financial security and independence, particularly in retirement. ACSIA Partners is making the trademarked Long Term Care Outreach and Education (LTCOEP) program available to help provide you with protection against financial losses that may not be covered through government programs or traditional benefit plans (such as Medicare or private medical insurance).
ACSIA Partners
ACSIA Partners, LLC is one of the nation's most experienced Long Term Care agencies. Our passion is to provide our clients with the best long term care insurance options to meet their needs. Each producing agent earns the same commission no matter which insurance company is chosen. This way our clients know that our agent has objectively selected the company that meets their needs.
Dignity For Life
The Five Things You Need to Know Before Considering Long Term Care Insurance.