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Attention Employers

The California Bankers Association has partnered with ACSIA Partners LLC, one of the nation's premier experts in long-term care planning. ACSIA Partners has developed a comprehensive educational program to provide long-term care insurance employees, and the California Bankers Association is pleased to announce a revised benefit offering for CBA member employees.

Long-Term Care Education and Outreach

• CBA makes a significant contribution toward employee premiums for 3 years

• Free, no obligation online education for employees at convenient times

• Employees of member banks are aggregated – eliminating individual bank participation requirements

• Any employee who applies will receive vastly reduced medical underwriting

CBA understands the impact to banks and their employees of not planning for extended care events, which are NOT covered by Medicare or traditional health and disability insurances. Learn how your bank can take advantage of this one-time opportunity for reduced medical questions and gender-neutral rates!

• Long-term care is the single greatest threat to your employees retirement savings

• 50% of employees think they have protection – when in fact they don’t

• CBA offers a significant contribution toward employee premiums for 3 years

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Open Enrollment is limited. We invite you to attend an online educational webinar, which will explain how the benefit works, as well as cover the available options.

YOU MUST REGISTER IN ORDER TO ATTEND. Please click on the “webinar” tab above to register for a webinar.

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Did You Know?

At least 70% of people over 65 will need long-term care services at some point."1

Long-term care services cost between $50,000 - $100,000 per year."2

40% of people receiving long-term care are working-age adults between the ages of 18-64."3

Women need long-term care services for longer (on average 3.7 years) than do men (on average 2.2 years)."4

Is Long-Term Care Insurance Right for You? It Can Help You:

  • Protect your home, savings, and family assets
  • Purchase the kind of care you want to receive
  • Maintain your independence and avoid being a burden to your family members
  • Feel more confident about the future

(1) Medicare & You, National Medicare Handbook, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Revised November, 2012
(2) MetLife Mature Market Institute, 2012 Market Survey of Long Term Care Costs.
(3) National Clearing House for Long Term Care Information, October 2008.
(4) US Department of Health and Human Services, 2007

ACSIA Partners LLC is a licensed insurance agency that markets long-term care insurance. The long-term care insurance is issued by Transamerica Life Insurance Company (Transamerica). ACSIA Partners receives a commission on policies issued by Transamerica. The long-term care insurance offering is not a benefit sponsored by Portico, but an individual policy purchased from Transamerica. Premiums are not guaranteed to remain unchanged. Long-term care insurance may not cover all of the costs associated with long-term care. You are advised to review your contract carefully. The contract has exclusions, limitations, reductions in benefits and terms under which the contract may be continued in force or discontinued. Contract provisions and maximum monthly benefits may vary by state. Portico Benefit Services does not guarantee the performance by Transamerica Life Insurance Company of its legal obligations. Be sure to consult with your tax, legal, and financial advisors.