Plan Ahead with Long-Term Care Insurance

Thanks to the collective buying power of ELCA plan members, all members and eligible family members have the opportunity to apply for discounted long-term care insurance directly through ACSIA Partners LLC (formerly LTC Financial Partners) and Transamerica Life Insurance Company (Transamerica). ACSIA Partners is one of the nation's most experienced professionals in long-term care planning and Transamerica is the underwriter.

Having long-term care insurance can help you manage the costs of that care should you need it in the future. In the process, it can help you protect your assets and maintain your independence, which helps preserve your financial and emotional well-being.

Why Take Advantage of This Opportunity?

Plan members, their spouses or eligible same-gender partners, and other family members who are approved for and purchase long-term care insurance through ACSIA Partners will pay discounted premiums.  Also, the premiums are the same for men and women of the same age, which is not always the case with other individual long-term care insurance policies. Women are often charged higher premiums than men of the same age for the same policy.* The premium amount will vary depending on your age and the options you choose. ACSIA Partners can provide you with details.

In addition, newly sponsored plan members ages 18-65 working 20+ hours per week for six months can apply for long-term care insurance with simplified underwriting (you answer a short list of questions about your health vs. a longer list). Visit the How it Works section of this website for details on discounted premiums and the simplified underwriting opportunity.

Note: Long-term care insurance is not a group benefit plan sponsored by Portico, but an individual policy underwritten by Transamerica.

*Kaiser Health News, Key Long-term Care Insurer to Raise Women's Premiums, 2013

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Did You Know?

At least 70% of people over 65 will need long-term care services at some point."1

Long-term care services cost between $50,000 - $100,000 per year."2

40% of people receiving long-term care are working-age adults between the ages of 18-64."3

Women need long-term care services for longer (on average 3.7 years) than do men (on average 2.2 years)."4

Is Long-Term Care Insurance Right for You? It Can Help You:

  • Protect your home, savings, and family assets
  • Purchase the kind of care you want to receive
  • Maintain your independence and avoid being a burden to your family members
  • Feel more confident about the future

(1) Medicare & You, National Medicare Handbook, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Revised November, 2012
(2) MetLife Mature Market Institute, 2012 Market Survey of Long-Term Care Costs.
(3) National Clearing House for Long-Term Care Information, October 2008.
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ACSIA Partners LLC is a licensed insurance agency that markets long-term care insurance. The long-term care insurance is issued by Transamerica Life Insurance Company (Transamerica). ACSIA Partners receives a commission on policies issued by Transamerica. The long-term care insurance offering is not a benefit sponsored by Portico, but an individual policy purchased from Transamerica. Premiums are not guaranteed to remain unchanged. Long-term care insurance may not cover all of the costs associated with long-term care. You are advised to review your contract carefully. The contract has exclusions, limitations, reductions in benefits and terms under which the contract may be continued in force or discontinued. Contract provisions and maximum monthly benefits may vary by state. Portico Benefit Services does not guarantee the performance by Transamerica Life Insurance Company of its legal obligations. Be sure to consult with your tax, legal, and financial advisors.